After winning the Battle of the Bands at both Yeshiva University and Lander College, Yaakov Chesed became the fastest rising Jewish band in years, having performed nearly 100 shows in cities across the US and Canada.

The band’s name comes from a line said in the daily prayer of “oova litzeyon”, which says “Teetain emet li’yaakov, chesed li’avraham.” With their music, the band wishes to combine the emet of Yaakov and the Chesed of Avraham. Hence they are “Yaakov Chesed”.

The band combines rock riffs, traditional Jewish tunes, funky bass lines, and inspirational Hebrew and English lyrics to make an original, spiritual sound. Yaakov Chesed is :

Jake Polansky (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar)

Michael Shapiro (Lead Guitar)

Aryeh Kunstler (Bass)

Michael “Mosky Moskowitz (Drums)

Rami Glatt also joins the band on keyboards at some shows.

The formation of the band can be described as nothing less then a true demonstration of “Hashgacha Pratis.” Lead guitarist Michael Shapiro desperately wanted to attend Israel for the year, but because of extenuating circumstances he was unable to attend. Michael in turn attended YU for the year. Nat Montag, a friend of Jake (the lead singer) met Michael when he returned from half a year of study in Israel and attended YU. It was then when Nat spontaneously put on Jake Polansky�s myspace page, and as soon as “Harmony” started playing Michael fell into a spiritual trance. Nat put Michael and Jake in contact with each other, and then followed by introducing his old high school buddy and now drummer “Mosky” to the band. Jake knew Dovi from back in high school, and the four have been together ever since. Yaakov Chesed hopes to entertain and inspire.

With these ideals in mind, Yaakov Chesed plans to not only reach the “religious” community, but also Jews who have not been exposed to the sound of the alternative Jewish rock music scene.

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